It’s a date Marion, you eat ’em.

WP_20141127_16_35_42_ProThanksgiving is really one of the better holidays to use for escape. It is great to spend time with family, but it doesn’t take too much to warrant a good reason to bolt out of town.

A few years back we did a trip up to Whistler as out Thanksgiving getaway. We had a few ski lessons the year before, and thought this was a great way to use that practice and take a break. the problem we found was that November was a bit early in the snow season, so only the upper slopes were open, and those were above our skill level. We still had a great time, but we got beat up by the mountain, it was cold, and pretty expensive.

This year, we are heading down to Palm Springs to visit my dad.

With the really nasty cold snap that hit Seattle, getting out into the sun will be a welcome change. My dad spends the winter at his house in La Quinta, just outside of Palm Springs proper. There are five or so small towns all linked together that make up The local Area, but everyone refers to the collective area as just Palm Springs.

I really love the area. The desert is fascinating, and you can find funky ‘60s homes not too far from brand new developments. go just a little bit out and there are encroaching ghost towns, it only takes a short time of disuse before things fall apart in the sand and heat. Some of the ghost towns are like the Salton Sea resort. Salton Sea was a huge resort town in the ‘60s.  Now, it is a series of crumbling buildings and an evaporating salt lake in the desert. Newer ghost developments are a series of neighborhoods that were in the early stages of going up when the ‘08 market crash hit.  You can find streets and driveways all laid out, but no homes. For a while, there were areas with newly built homes, abandoned in construction, but those seem to have been completed or torn down finally.

I’m also rather fond of dates. That’s a bonus as Date farms are all over the place in the desert. Last time down here we were able to drive about and hit some small local farms. These were really just families who had date palms in their yard and sold what they grew. Those were really some of the best dates I have had. Not just the big Medjools, but several of the smaller types different sizes, colors, and flavors. Really fantastic.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to the desert.