Irish Famine

WIN_20131212_210532Well that’s just goddamn irritating.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s losing another pub. The Irish pub down by our marina was closed when I stopped by today. The boating season is just getting underway, and A Terrible Beauty has been my off-day and maintenance headquarters. I roll up today, and the place is barren, even the fake Irish signs are gone.

I actually liked using the place for high-speed internet. I came down today to update the maps on my map card. Instead, I walked another block to Dukes and logged in there. I was thwarted again as the update software thinks my card is locked, so I will have to deal with this later.

At least Duke’s is an established place. It shouldn’t disappear unless they tear out the waterfront and replace it with something new. With the way Amazon has been buying everything down here, that’s a real possibility, but for now, it’s safe and I have beer and chowder.