Rest on Deck

WP_20150625_14_23_35_ProThe last two days of our cruise were at sea. After three days of getting up early for shore excursions we were looking forward to sleeping in and resting. Naturally, we got a 5:45am wake up call by mistake.


We made up the time at the pool, where we spent almost all of our time. Sasha was working on a tan and resting. Yulia had a book that she was reading all week – she never likes to read, but this had her hooked. It was from the author of Gone Girl, and had murder, poverty, nasty characters – she loved it. I might check it our after Sasha gets it. I’ve been working on SevenEves by Neal Stevenson (as an audiobook) and it has been fantastic. It is typical Heavy written Sci Fi from Neal, with an extra layer of disaster space opera to boot. On our second day at sea I listened to it until midnight.

They had a Zumba party by the pool at one point, and Yulia did that. Naturally, she was better than the instructor. Everyone who danced got Carnival Medals on a red, white, and blue ribbon. Neat.

Sasha did a Disney Trivia contest, which had some seriously obscure questions.  She didn’t win, but she got one of the cool little medals for participating.

I went to the bar and got a beer.

When we took our Alaskan cruise, we went to a lot of the shows, partially because it was pretty cold on deck. Here we hadn’t bothered, so we decided to get at least one show in. It was the R&B Love show, and sounded great. Yulia had met one of the performers at another of the dance events on board, and he told we that she had to see the show. So we went. The theater on the ship had a Phantom of the Opera theme, and was gorgeous. We were excited to see the show, and found pretty nice seats near the stage to one side. I love Blues and Funk, so I was jazzed up as well. Sadly, while the dance was great, the singing was – not so much. The women were great, but the men simply didn’t have the range, or the soul frankly, to sing R&B. The show was good, but it was way outside their abilities. Bummer. Maybe we should have gone to the 80’s hits show.

At the end of our final day, we went to the Serenity deck, which was over 21, and brought Sasha. It was pretty cool out, we were back in Californian ocean weather. The staff manning the deck were cool with Sasha being there, most of the 23 year olds were loud and annoying, and Sasha was quiet and mature. We got a wicker day bed for Sasha to rest in, and we grabbed a bottle of wine and two lounges. That was really all we needed.

We would be glad to disembark tomorrow. We were off to the beach and Disney for the next week.