Fleetwood Mac Salad

Keeping manicured grass from escaping

We started the day out by heading down to our beach and snorkeling. We filled up first with eggs and Portuguese sausage, then headed down the the beach.  Right here at the condo is turning out to be an amazing spot all in itself. We have a sandy beachfront, but a shallow reef just a few feet further. It’s full of life, not even counting the giant turtles.

We were still out in the surf when Amaya dropped Sasha at our condo. She waved at us from the shore, and we headed in. Sasha had a great time, they had planned to camp on the beach in front of Amaya’s house, but the winds were too strong, so they went to a few local beaches, and hung out catching up. Sasha was impressed how Amaya no longer had any Social Media accounts. She just didn’t want that kind of drama anymore. Of course at her school the Filipino and Samoan kids beat each other up at lunch, so I guess it’s a different level of high school drama.

We had a little coffee (we have switched from Lion 100% Kona over to local Maui grown) and planned to head into Lahaina. We didn’t have any actual goal, so it was just a bit of wandering. I took Front Street all the way into Lahaina, just as a change of route. This took us behind the cannery mall, and we found a nice little Plate Lunch joint there called Aloha Mixed Plate. We figured we would hit that on the way back, it was pretty busy, which is usually a good sign.

We went to our usual parking, and it was full, so we went up Prison street a bit, and parked behind the historical prison. It’s a small square lava-rock building. Really just a wall and a gatehouse. The actual bunkhouse is long since gone, and it just has a few historical items and a little church building in back. It also has a very nice manicured lawn inside, with a guy driving a riding lawnmower in circles. There was a donation box out front, presumably to buy the guy more gas.

I’ve been keeping my eye out at the Hawaiian shirt shops. I brought my Red “Magnum P.I.” Hawaiian shirt. It is the exact shirt from the show, and is made by a local company called Paradise Found. There’s also a black shirt from the show that I don’t have, and its a bit harder to find. I peeked at a few shops, and still can’t find it in my size. I could just order it online, but that just doesn’t feel right. I’ll keep looking.

We also stopped at Fleetwood’s on Front Street. It’s a restaurant owned by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. We head music coming from the place earlier in the week, and wanted to see about dinner. They only serve dinner apparently, so we checked out the schedule, and made reservations for Friday. There was also a Gallery below the restaurant filled with instruments, records, and photos. The cool bit was Mick Fleetwood’s Car, a classic Austin roadster. It’s been on several album covers and band photoshoots, I recognized it immediately. The guy running the shop gave us a tour of all the memorabilia, including some cool photos not on display. It will be fun to see some live music here later in the week.

We finished wandering along the waterfront, and drove back along Front Street to Aloha Mixed Plate. There was a wait to get a table, but from the looks of the food it was worth it. We had a drink in the bar to wait, and by our luck hit Happy Hour (it was a late lunch). The Mai Tai’s were very good (if you haven’t figured out that the Mai Tai is my go-to drink, then this is your official warning). One drink in, and our table was ready. We were right on the beachfront, and both Yulia and I got a full mixed plate, with Sasha getting grilled chicken and beef. The bonus was the happy hour special, $1.50 Primo cans. This may have been the best value-drink in the islands. Everything on the plate was amazing. We had Kaluha Pork, Lau-Lau, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Poi, Mac Salad, Rice, and Coconut Square. It was a huge portion, and took time to eat. We weren’t in any rush and just enjoyed our time watching the surf.

Completely bloated, we drove back to the Condo. The rest of the day was swimming and hanging out. We never had dinner as the mixed plate was so heavy, but in a good way. Later, the turtles came back. They swam around, feeding as the sun set. Again, we ended the day watching a turtle nap on the beach. Can’t argue with the turtle.