Break me off a piece of that Crescent Bar

20180526_1710461When things have been crazy for so long, even two days of rest seems like a big break.

I got up early on Saturday to run and pick up food for breakfast. Of course, early on the weekend means I slept in an hour or so from my normal time to get up, but since the night before was the Dog Vomit Café, it still felt really early. I got our regular; Eggs, Sausage, coffee. There were some reasonable bagels that were gluten sensitive or something, Yogurt, and almond nut butter as well. Despite the Olympic levels of wine, we do try to eat healthy. I also got Oscar the Wiener Dog some different food, whatever was the most expensive and healthiest. His stomach needed settling.

Yulia and I ate breakfast, and went to swim in the pool. Yulia swam, and I mostly sat in the spa. After a bit Yulia talked me into a game of ping pong by the pool. I openly admit to being really, really bad at ping pong, but even with that admission Yulia was impressed at my lack of skill. She finally gave up trying to teach me after about 15 minutes of chasing ping pong balls all over the pool patio.

After being shamed at Ping Pong, we went out for a long walk. It was still pretty windy, the wind never died down at night. The walk path in front of our resort continues past the resort, and along the riverbank down Crescent Bar. Most everything here looks very new. There are only a few old houses that appear to date before the 90’s. Those look like they are from the 50’s. I imagine this place was a complete hidden treasure up until the Amphitheater went in. It’s still really isolated, but you can see that it is filling in. We found that the local Coffee Shop also linked to the swimwear shop, which was not half bad. There was a small convenience store built into the side of the Gold Pro shop. They had beer, as well as other less useful things.

Golf carts were everywhere. Honestly, the world would be a better place if Golf Carts were the primary mode of transportation. You might be the biggest jerk in the world inside a huge truck or expensive sports car, but inside a golf cart you are just happy as hell. Unless you are actually playing golf. Those guys are assholes.

We hung around until everyone was ready to head out to the concert. Yulia planned to come back after a few hours, Sasha and her friend were planning to close the place out. It was a 30 minute drive out to Sasquatch, and 30 minutes back. I dropped them off and had plans for the evening. Those plans included eating and reading my books. I’m an animal.

The Resort restaurant we really a converted coffee shop and used by the Home Owners as a kind of club. The menu was small, but they had nice beer and wine. This week was Greek theme, so I had some Gyros and beer. I could tell that all the ingredients came from Costco, but it was still pretty good. Back in the room, I sat down with my Kindle right when Yulia started texting. Apparently the festival was just a mess, and she wanted to know if I could get her earlier. The wind hadn’t stopped, and temperatures went from really hot in the afternoon to a lot cooler in the evening.

Mostly, Yulia was getting bored. Two years ago, the festival was packed with food and activities, and the stages were going non stop the whole time. You had to run to catch the next act. There was also a great wine lounge with a view, and VIP areas. This year, there were hour long gaps between some acts, no events, and the VIP stuff was all gone. The wine lounge was bottle service only for good wines, and those were triple the normally high prices. Wine by the glass was out of a bag, and just plain bad. Yulia caught several acts she liked, but wasn’t willing to wait around with no food or drink as the temperature dropped.

We came back to the resort and had some good wine and gyros at the resort restaurant, Yulia was starving, and my beer had worn off long ago. I figured that Sasha would want to get picked up around 1:30am, when everything closed, so I set the alarm on my hone, and planned to take a nap after we had some dinner. We ate a pretty good Crème Brule, and went back to the room. About 10 minutes later, my phone rang. Sasha was ready for me to pick her and her friend up. The big gaps between sets was annoying her as well, but mostly the temperature was dropping fast. The wind was still blowing, and she was done at this point.

I found the girls buy the camping dropoff, and the temp had dropped another 5 degrees since they called. It was around 55 at this point, and getting colder. They made the right call. Most music really isn’t worth hypothermia.

We were tired enough that we were out as soon as we got back. Fortunately, Oscar felt better and pooped before going to bed.

Small Miracles. Small Brown Miracles.