Tech Test: Folding Keyboard

P1010035I have always loved to play with different tech tools. Especially when it comes to writing. When we are traveling I like to have the option to write where ever we have stopped, but usually that just doesn’t work. I’ve tried carrying smaller laptops and keyboards on several trips, but the experience just doesn’t work out.

Now I’m playing with a new combination. It’s a Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard, and a little stand to put my phone onto. The new version of Android actually has really good physical keyboard support, and with both Word and WordPress on the phone, it seems pretty seamless so far.

I’m using this to write this post, and the keyboard is surprisingly good. the big split down the middle is awkward, but you get used to it.

I like the fact that this folds up and I can slip it into my regular shoulder bag. It isn’t much larger than a Moleskine notebook. That’s a good size.

We’ve only got three weeks until our next vacation. I’ll play with this some more, but I think it will be coming on the trip.