More Queer Eye!

I am a huge fan of Queer Eye. Both the new one and the original “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. I was really pleased to hear this week that another season of the show is about to drop on Netflix. Awesome.

I have never been very style conscious, I’m a tech guy. And generally I’ve had all the style of the costume director for Revenge of the Nerds.  The original series was a show that I loved partially because I was directly the target audience. They even put out a book of style tips. Its a bit silly and short, but I still have it on my shelf.

I’ve since started reading a few blogs regularly as well.

Primer is a site, geared to younger men, but with some really fantastic tips and articles on dress, home, and other style topics. The author also had a how to for an excellent Ghostbusters costume, which I built. That was a hit with kids at Halloween.

Dappered tracks sales and deals on men’s clothing. They also have a music correspondent who puts up playlists on new and interesting music. It’s not always my taste, but it is good to reach out into something unfamiliar.

Real Men Real Style has a series of “How To” articles and videos on almost any men’s style topic. I find it handy if I’m trying to look up how to do something specific. Ironing, a particular sleeve roll, etc. The author is also pretty funny and has some great commentary, like which Batman is better. (Adam West, duh)

I started thinking about this as Quartz put up a great article on how one of the big changes between the series is that They really are focusing on conversations between people.  I hadn’t thought about this in the show, I just really liked seeing the humor and change in the guys they meet. But this is another great angle.  It’s worth a read.

Quartz: Queer Eye is modeling how to talk through difficult conversations ‹ Quartz ‹ Reader —