Frank Lloyd Wright’s lab online

I think that one of the reasons that I enjoy travel so much is that I have always enjoyed architecture. I think that started with spending time with my grandfather. He worked in Restaurant Kitchen Sales and Design, and he had a full drafting table in his basement. He would design kitchens and restaurant layouts for many of the major locations in Seattle. This was all Paper and Pencil drafting, with plastic templates for internal furniture and elements. I remember watching him turn blank paper into a design, and was always fascinated as the page filled up.

I didn’t go into architecture, but some of that design interest pushed me towards computers overall. I still follow architecture, and have Frank Lloyd Wright at the top of my favorite architects.


Taliesen West


I had a chance to visit the Wright home in Oak Park years ago. It had been restored, and was an amazing look into his early life and work. The home had meed remolded by Wright over the years, and included his first workshop. It had fallen into disrepair over the years, but I got to see it after a full restoration, and felt lucky for that. I’ve never had a chance to visit his architecture laboratory Taliesen West, so the online rendering that is now up is pretty amazing.

I’ve run into some of Wright’s architecture when I travel, and some of the best parts of travel have been seeing other great architectural works around the world. But it seems less common to find where and how these buildings are created, or who did it. We were lucky to see Gaudi’s home in Barcelona. I hope to get out to Taliesen West at some point, but that might end up being a special trip itself.

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