20180628_102326Out of all the trips we have taken, this is the first time we have actually used the Alaska Lounge at Sea-Tac. I had my Priority Pass setup from my failed trip to India, and I haven’t had a lounge available on a trip yet. This time, we are here with plenty of time, the big remodeling is done, so we have a full lounge while we wait for our plane to board. It’s pretty nice. It’s not crowded, there’s free food and drink, and it doesn’t smell like a Yak’s armpit.

There’s also a bar with free drinks. This may require quality testing.

Yulia and Sasha get really nervous to fly. The noise and stress of everyone in the terminal rushing around, children crying, and crappy expensive food means that they are wound up even before we get on the plane. I convinced Yulia to try going to the lounge for some of her business trips, and it was a night and day difference. Sitting somewhere quiet before the flight means here stress isn’t turned up to 11, and that makes it easier for her to handle the plane. The lounge passes are part of Amex, and it’s not really cheap. But when you add up the free food and drinks plus other benefits, I think we are breaking even at least. Give me some time at the bar and I think I can turn a profit.

We have a nice view of the tarmac from here. We can already see the weather starting to turn. The report says that it’s supposed to rain for the next few days in Seattle, but be warm and clear in San Diego. When we head to Anaheim, its supposed to get HOT. Either way it would be a miracle because it always rains when we travel. Mexico, Paris, New Your – it doesn’t matter. If we go, it rains. Sometimes light, sometimes torrential storms. But I can’t remember a trip where it didn’t rain. Shit, we had a goddamn typhoon in Mexico once.

We are rain gods.

So we will see how this works out.  I’ll be happy just to get away from work and catch up on a few books. Getting good weather would be a bonus. We just peeked out the window of the lounge to the Terminal. It’s still a zoo. I’m glad to be in here instead.

Update: Free OJ + free sparking wine = free Mimosa. Math is hard.


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  1. So glad I’m carefree and stressfree when I travel. Pete and Eric are good instructors. Get to the airport with plenty of time. Find a bar, throw down a hundo and stay there until last boarding call. Be the last person on the flight. Don’t over pack massive carry on crap and it’s never a problem.

    Reading your blog about traveling/flying is more stressful to me than anything else. Have a fun trip.

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