Now Hear This

I’m not sure that I’ve written about the fact that we’ve moved from Redmond to Renton. We moved last year just before we went on vacation (literally, days before). We aren’t too far from our old house in Newcastle, or from where I grew up. The whole Seattle area is growing incredibly fast. 10 years ago Renton was home to a Boeing plant and was pretty run down. Now its the last area of underdeveloped land, and home of the Seahawks. A major office complex on the lake shore is going in, and that’s bringing tech money to the area.

I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing, but it’s hard to tell sometimes.

Either way, we live here now, and I’ve found something that I wasn’t expecting. Sounds.

The first is the train whistle. If your house is right next to the train tracks, a train whistle isn’t very pleasant. But when I was a kid, you always heard the train whistle from the Eastside lines in our neighborhood. All those tracks are shut down now, except a small section near our neighborhood where Boeing still delivers airplane fuselages via rail. The whistle echoes along the hill, and I can remember that sound from  forever ago. Yulia grew up close to tracks as well, and she has the same reaction. There’s a strange comfort in hearing the random train whistle.

At night, when it’s quiet, I get another sound. When an airplane slows down for a landing turn, there’s a droning noise that suddenly drops pitch. I can’t describe it, but we are under the turn path, and we hear it randomly as well. I don’t know why I love this sound. I don’t remember it as a kid, I don’t think planes made that sound back in the ’70’s. I remember it from our Newcastle house though. Sometimes it’s hard to know why we get a reaction to something.

I still like it.20180325_154543