Just keep Swimming

Jesus Christ. I took a nap and I am completely a shambling mess. We are sitting out as the sun is going down waiting for things to cool off and I can barely function. I don’t nap because my brain doesn’t recover, but today I just shut down.

We went after breakfast out to the Olowalu Petroglyphs, it’s a pretty short drive past Lahaina, we actually stopped near the turnoff at a fruit stand right near there. This time we went up a small road looking for a historical marker. Nothing was marked well, so I turned on the Shaka tour – we weren’t using it because we were coming from the wrong direction and not actually following the tour. But it gave us enough clues to find the right spot. Naturally, I parked in the wrong spot and we had to take a hike down the road. But the petroglyphs were up on a rock face above us. We’ve seen petroglyphs before in Mexico, but these were telling a story, figures up on the cliff engaged in something that we weren’t part of but could witness now. I just loved it.

We took our time and a few pictures, then walked back up the road to the Jeep. I turned the Shaka tour back on and it gave us the story about how King Kamehameha got a western ship after a series on blunders and massacres on the part of early American travelers. In short, be kind when you meet new cultures. These westerners didn’t and paid a high price. With that, Kamehameha had what he needed to rule all of Hawaii. History is strange.

We drove to Lahaina and stopped quickly at a street market. We had to park in a special section. Then we masked up and were temperature scanned for covid, they found that we were hot as fuck because it was hot as fuck out and the handheld temp scanners aren’t accurate enough to tell you if a roast is from the oven or freezer. We smiled and went to the fair. It was like Etsy in the real world, nothing interesting, and we were too hot to care. We did a loop and went back to the Jeep. They didn’t even have shave ice.

Our main plan was to go snorkel at Black Rock beach. This was actually at the far end of Kaanapali’I, which was a zoo when we went earlier in the week. We drove there and parked in the same Sheraton garage as last time. The beach was a little less crowded. Maybe folks were out planning things for the fourth. We took our gear to a open section of the beach. After the beached we have visited this week we had to admit that this was crowded for a reason. The sand out was perfect. It was the stereotypical Hawaiian tourist beach. I grabbed my gear and it was super easy to walk out into the water. Nothing in my way to get out.

I suited up and Yulia was with me. Sasha and Petru we swimming a bit but didn’t take their gear out at first. I was looking about and didn’t see much in the area. It was pretty sandy and plain. I kept swimming and headed for a rock outcropping where a bunch on young (stupid) kids were cliff jumping. The approach had a few fish to see, but nothing special. I was far from the others and approached the rock face of the cliff.

It was Amazing. Bright fish were feeding everywhere. Schools of needlefish were floating with the waves as I approached, and they largely ignored me. The reef extended below the water and was filled with fish feeding off the algae. I took a few photos and swam back over to Yulia to show her the reef. We watched the fish for a bit then swam to get the others. I ended up making three trips swimming out and back. It was worth it as this had to be the best snorkeling we have had on this trip. But when we returned to the beach the last time I was exhausted. The rest were starving as well, so we went up to the beach bar at the Sheraton for a late lunch.

The bar was right on the beach. The cloud cover that we had for the swim had all burned away and it was getting hot. We found a table with some umbrella cover, but we were still about half in the direct sun, so we kept shifting our chair and tables around so we wouldn’t burn while we waited for food and drinks. They had pretty good chicken and pork dishes, Yulia picked a vegetarian Buddha Bowl to be healthy, which appeared to be an entire bag of spinach with some kind of curry on top. Yulia lost the food lottery again, so she ate part of my pork sandwich. The cocktails were a bit of a mess as well – not bad, but in the “trying too hard” category. We had some double Mai Tais which were basically a glass of rum and ice with food coloring. They also had a strawberry punch which tasted like Kool-ade and Vodka. The cocktails were so bad I only had two and part of a third.

We had really baked in the heat and I felt sore all over from the swimming. We were all overheated and passed out once we got back to the condo. That brings us full circle on my shambling mess upon wakeup.

Picking up some takeout should be a good cure for that. Pork Lau Lau cures everything.