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It was a really hot and humid night. I slept poorly, and Yulia was up a lot as well. A rough night usually calls for more coffee in the morning. I am glad that i finally have the Mr Coffee machine dialed in here. drip coffee isn’t great, but Kona coffee more than makes up for it. There wasn’t a lot for breakfast so I headed to the market early. On the way i saw that the farmers market was open today. I picked up some food for breakfast and headed back to cook.

I grilled up some eggs and bacon, and more coffee. We had plans for dinner but nothing else really on the list for today. It was also another bit of a mess weather wise today. We were getting wind and some small tropical misting. So it made it a little too cold or a little too humid at times. We walked the beach for a bit, hung out by the pool, and rested. We did take time out to drive back to the Farmers market up in Napili. It was small, but had some local fruit and crafts. Not nearly the zoo we had the other day back in Lahaina.

Overall it was a pretty slow morning.

A gecko decided to join us in our condo. He ran around a bit and we shoo’d him out the door. He decided to jump up on the elevator door. Not a great choice since he could get squished if it opened, so we picked him up gently and moved him to the stairs where we saw him earlier. He ran up the wall and off into a crack in the panels for safety. He did offer us a great deal on insurance as thanks.

Eventually we headed down to Lahaina. We figured we would get a bit of shopping in or at least just walk around a bit. We went to the area over by the historic banyan tree. Right across from the tree is a building that has the cinema (we actually saw a movie here long ago – it’s crazy small). The courtyard of the building has a bar/restaurant in it. It apparently was in Guy Fieri’s show – so there was a line to get in. This is another place I remember going to. Back in the day it was a real hidden gem – cheap, not too busy. It’s neither now. Totally packed with a line out the door and up the stairs.

I think this is the hard part for Hawaii in general right now. Covid killed a bunch of businesses, and at half capacity there are too many tourists for what’s open. It’s hard to go do anything and prices have taken a really big jump. I’m sure that some of this will balance out over the next year – but it’s a real mess now. I saw a Hawaiian newspaper on a rack – and apparently the state government is looking at changing tourism laws to deal with the overcrowding. I don’t have a clue how they fix this, and from what the article said neither do they. But the current situation isn’t sustainable for the state – especially for how small some of these areas are.

That’s why we come here. That’s why everyone comes here. It’s the allure of being “in the islands”. But that only goes so far when you are shoulder to shoulder and can’t do anything. It’s a bit of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. The fact that they’ve added they highway bypass around Lahaina – and that it can be expanded both further and wider says that the planning is in the cards. These areas aren’t going to stay small forever.

I tried not to think about this a lot as we walked Front Street. We’ve been here over a week and a half, and this is only the second time we’ve come to Front street. We are a lot further up the coast, so the drive in is just a bit longer and we’ve been pretty busy. We started checking out a few local galleries – there is always great art here. Some local work, and some big artists like Wyland (he does those big sea murals you used to see everywhere. (Seattle had one on the Edgewater Hotel, there was one in Lahaina as well. but they don’t age well). Yulia found a really nice Art Deco painting in one gallery and we bought it after a bit of debate. We don’t buy a ton of art, but it’s nice to get something when it jumps out at you. And Yulia has good taste, so we got it shipped home.

By luck, we were able to change our dinner from the Yacht Club to Fleetwood’s on Front Street. ( We can go to the club again later in the week) We also got dinner a bit earlier. It was clear and hot again, and walking the waterfront was wearing us down. We were actually ducking into shops just for the air conditioning. Getting an earlier dinner was great – and we had been trying to go to Fleetwood’s – but naturally it was overbooked. We just got lucky and caught a cancellation.

Fleetwood’ s on Front street is owned by Mick Fleetwood (of Fleetwood Mac) There’s a photo gallery of Rock and Roll art on the main floor, with the restaurant upstairs, and a deck on top with occasional live music. What’s nice about the place is that it isn’t a theme restaurant as such – the menu is excellent, it just happens to have a famous owner. We just hit the end of happy hour so we got some oysters and a round of cocktails at happy hour prices. We were seated indoors – the deck was booked but with the heat that was a good thing not to sit and bake outdoors.

It was a slow day after everything. But I think we needed one of those to recharge.