Get back to where you once belong

Work Math: One day of vacation equals three days of fixing broken shit when you get back.

I’m almost caught up to where I was when we left on vacation. Things were a hot mess when we got back, that was across the board. I had a ton of reorganization to do at work – and my team lost a member so I had to rebuild a bunch of planning to present to the leadership. I swear we do more planning than actual work. I’m so old I remember when “Agile” was new. Now we follow “OKR’s” Which is the new hotness is software planning.

OKRs is “Objectives and Key Results” which is a very fancy planning method where you plan your work out six months at a time, and it takes you a month to do it. It’s a great method developed by Intel – a hardware company that thinks it’s software company that has managed to fuck up on it’s core deliverable of small die size processors for the last decade or so – so yeah, let’s do what they do.

I really love Hawaii, but honestly after the cost I can’t imagine going back for a while. Obviously we don’t have any vacation coming up right now so it doesn’t mater, but we tend to plan ahead so we are thinking about Mexico again. Maybe Puerto Rico. Europe is a Covid mess – so that’s out. Who knows.

On the trip I traveled with a Surface Pro 3. It was ok, but it’s a bit old and that keyboard is not great. I have a Lenovo P1 at home – it’s big but I might take it next time. Above all else the keyboard is the killer app for me. I can manage size and battery life – but if the keyboard is shit I’m done. I also got an iPhone when we got back. This is my switch from Android, which was my switch from Windows Phone. I actually still have a stack of old Windows Phones in my closet. They were pretty cool – but the app ecosystem died and that killed the phones. the hardware was really good. Samsung was what I moved to an this last one – a Galaxy 10s was nice but it started doing weird charging shit on this trip – and Apple had been luring me back with their privacy focus.

We will see how the iPhone works out – but I’m impressed so far. Camera is excellent. Privacy settings are way, way better. We will see.

From there hopefully we can salvage a summer out of this. Probably need to spend more time on he boat. Weather is hot here. Wish I was beautiful.