Something Close to Nothing

I’m not actually sure what time I woke up.

Yulia and Sasha went off to the spa to do the hydrotherapy circuit and swim. Once I was up, I grabbed my laptop and went to the Club Member’s area. This was a little private area off the beach in the middle of the resort that had nice umbrellas and chairs, and a member’s lounge. The lounge has it’s own bar, some snacks, and a computer desk in the corner. I plugged in and multiple days of updates to this blog. It might seem odd that I take time on a beach to white on my computer, but I’ve been doing the same thing for over a decade. Writing reorganizes my brain. 

I grabbed some beer and fajitas as a late lunch and wrote out on the deck. I caught myself up and also logged in to the photos site for our trip to the Cenote. We bought pictures from them since we couldn’t take them ourselves, and their download link was waiting for them to upload photos. From a Mayan village. I assume that they take a PC into town do do this every day or so, and our photos still weren’t there. Bollocks.

Yulia texted me after a while that they had moved over to the Infinity pool again since they were done with the spa. I walked the beach back to our room, dropped my gear and changed and met them over there. The infinity pool was quickly becoming our favorite since it had a great restaurant, two bars, and no kids. Yeah – I’m becoming one of those old people who is just done with little kids screaming. also, the pool has less chlorine in it since there are no kinds. guess why.

They were just finishing lunch, so I grabbed a couple of Mezcal Palomas, and asked Yulia and Sasha if they wanted something too. We hit the pool and just floated for the afternoon. Yulia went and did another dance class. I didn’t. I napped at the pool a bit, and when everyone was ready we walked a bit. Having no plans was working well. Yulia and I ended up back at the members area and it took another chair when she went to swim in the ocean. I lost track of time and we just lounged about until the sundown event started over by the main pool. it was next to us so we walked over and listened to music a bit – until a quick thundershower broke everything up.

At this point I realized that we were actually going to be late for our dinner reservations. I texted the reservations desk and found that it was too late to move and get something else. We went back to the room to clean up and I formulated another plan. Once everyone was showered and rested I ran over to the restaurant to wait in line for everyone. We had reservations at the Japanese restaurant, so I tried there first. The restaurants are in pairs, one entrance to two restaurants with a bar in the middle. The Japanese restaurant was booked solid, so I walked past the bar to the Thai restaurant. The girl there checked and they had an opening at 7:30. I added us to the waitlist and texted everyone back to come here.

It ended up being closer to 8, but that was better than last time when we couldn’t find anything open. Yulia wasn’t originally excited about Thai, but when we saw the plates it was not expected. Everything was served in a small plate style, almost a French Fusion. It was also not too spicy, with some great sauces. I ordered a Red Curry, but got Green Curry by accident. It was much better than I expected, really this was a fantastic Thai place, quite a surprise. We also ordered Martinis for not particular reason, and they were very 60’s style – which is to say “wet”. Lots of vermouth. Not bad but I want up to the central bar for a dry martini, and they could do it. It just doesn’t seem to be the style. In any case it was a terrific dinner after a day of nothing at all.

Almost like vacation.