Patriots vs. Loyalists

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the bumper sticker "patriotism" that has virulently infected this country. there is precious little coherent thought on what america stands for, which is unsurprising when you consider how little thought goes into anything these days.

Indicitive of this is how the catchphrase "partiotism" today is invoked, but is frequently thrown against people who are not being Loyalists. Criticicm of the President and the Administration is met with calls of being "unpatriotic" and a sympathizer to the terrorists. Anyone who wishes to question or examine where we are as a nation, or why we do the things we do is a traitor, and is helping the enemy. Only blind, unwaivering faith is now acceptable. John Dean states in his new book that the Conservative viewpoint has corroded away, and been replaced by an Authoritarian one.

And these Authoritarians are those running all three brnaches of govenment today. Our move toward the powerful Unitary Executive feeds this all the more, as does the willingness of so many to replace any actual civic thought with the purchase of a magnet for their SUV.

The best part of all is the imperative tone "Support the Troops" that you see everywhere. Not "I Support the Troops", showing how these individuals feel, but a command that someone else should do it for them. These mindless drones have shown their loyalty to their masters, and think no more of ot. Someone else is doing the hard thinking for them.

All the time freedoms are chipped away, soldiers are left without proper support and equipment, and debt rises to historic levels.

But who has time to worry about that today, after all, if there were something that we should be doing, I’m sure that the adminsitation would tell us what it is. Right?