Let me spell it out…

After careful consideration, and several glasses of beer, wine, and burbon, I have come to the conclusion that the last post is not sufficiently clear, so why don’t we just clarify.

A Loyalist stands up for the people in office, be they President, King, or dogcatcher. They hold fealty to the person, and the wishes, dreams, desires, and commands of that person are all that matters. Disagreement with that ruling party is tantabount to blasphemy, and no action is too great to stop dissent.

A Patriot stands up for the ideals on which our country (in this case, America) is based. Those who occupy the offices are merely placeholders, temporary empolyees who have been hired to do a job, upholding certian ideals and actions that are part of their position. They have no right to expect glory unto themselvs until after the complete their work, and have been judged by history. And those who are actively in a position, causing damage to that which they swore to uphold, are in themselves the worst enemy of the patriots, and warrant any action necesssary to remove them, as they are a cancer on our way of life, and the sooner removed, the sooner healing begins.

This country was based on Patriots. The Loyalists left for Canada. But now if you aren’t a Loyalist, then you are unpartriotic. You are the enemy. Ann Coulter will show up and fuck you in the ass (no strap-on necessary, I think she’s still pre-op). Dissent and discussion are not welcome.

You have all been warned.