Falling Behind – Dog Notes

I have told myself that I need to keep up in my writing just to get into the manual practice of puttng words down, but my natural lazyness is keeping me from doing that. I also have noticed that political writing is far too easy, and a lot less interesting to read, largely, if you read our own writing, or the majority of writing o the net, the polotical landscape of writing is reaction and reaction to that reaction. sometimes it’s pretty good, but largely it is empty filler.
I have a few good things to say about my new dog. I have always been a cat person, and largely I have disliked dogs due to the bad behaivor of the majority of owners, not the dogs themselves. We have several that roam our neighborhood and spill trash, crap on the lawn, and generally mak themselves lovbed by noone. But, the wifeand daughter cam homw with a Daschund puppy, so I am now a dog person. Now that we have begun training him ( with a clicker) I am really impressed at how smart he is. He is responding to his name after only one day, and starting to understand that the urinal is outside. (#2 is a whole other matter, ugga). Te cats seem to be getting along, he cases them, theyjump up high and watch him.
I think he’s pretty cool, and he as been very good for my daughter, she has shown a keen interest in taking care of him.
More later, mahalo