Birthday BBQ Recap

This saturday was an excellent time, and I couldn’t be happier with all who attended. Every year we have a BBQ at our place and this year the menu had 6 racks of ribs, a big pile of sausages, salads, beans, and threee different cakes. No one left hungry. We also had a full cooler of beer, just over a half case of wine, about a gallon and a half of Mai Tai, two bottles of Vodka, and a large dent in my scotch and burbon collection, and a few shots of the evil Chinese Wu Liang Ye. Even the non-drinkers had a buzz just from brushing against the skin of the drinkers.
A few events of note happened. One of our Tiki Torches burst into flames. The is the second time that this has happened, and though it was a new torch, it was i the same spot as the first fire. I was inside when it started,  I came outside to a  few nervous voices, to see the torch dropping little balls of fire and burning plastic onto the ground below. Fortunately, I had placed a fire extingusher near the BBQ, so I ran to put it out, only to find that this unit was empty. I then ran back inside to get the kitchen unit, and cam back out to see a raging fire on top of the post, which I was able to put out quickly. I hosed off the area, and put a new torch in place of the dead one. I gave my hands a quick Jedi wave and claimed that nothing has happened here
I will be moving to metal torches this week.
When the cakes came out, we had sparklers instead of candles. These look cool, but apparently drop some carcinogen onto the surface of the cake as they burn. They also can’t be blown out, and get really hot. fortunately i had no sensation in my extremities at this time, so i didn’t notice this until the next day. (why do my fingers hurt?)
In all I was most pleased and feel fortunate to have a great group of friends to share time with. I’m also frtunate to have a great wife who worked so hard to set everything up and clean out the distaster afterwards. Thanks to all.
Now if someone can just tell me where the scar on my leg came from…