Hanging before we move

Currently, we are getting ready to move across town, so my house looks like a loading dock currently. I am right now sitting in my office upstairs with my brother watching Breakfast with Hunter on my computer. That, and a lot of Gin and Bourbon.

The good thing about being an older brother is you get to have a bunch od cool stories of shit you happened to have survived. Also, I have all these random things sitting around  the office that have stories attached to. But right now, a disproportionate  number of items in my office are stories about my buddy fighting cancer right now. Lemme tell you, that sucks. It’s like having a rock above your head that is prepared to drop at any second. I have memories that I truly cherish with my friend, that I want to not remember right now, because I am afraid that he will be gone too soon.

I hate being afraid of my own memories, especially my favorites.

Note to Beef: if you don’t make it, I’m going to have to kick your ass. Just Sayin…

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  1. Chuck treated me to a "straight razor shave" on the Saturday before his Chemo treatments started. Chad (as flaming as the name sounds) was kinda shaky with the razor and did a sucktastic job. But, at least he didn\’t fuck up the head shaving bit. He got to do that with an electric shaver.Afterwards, we had dinner at Northlake Tavern, and I told him that he wasn\’t allowed to die yet because of totally selfish reasons, I wasn\’t ready to bury my best friend yet. Fucker. I\’ll second the ass kicking bit.Once home, I got me one of these HeadBlades http://www.headblade.com/ and went bald. Pretty cool. Slick. As in my head is slick…and bald. Unlike the web page, flocks of hot chicks didn\’t come knocking on my door afterwards. I hate it when they lie to me!Cancer sucks. Chuck\’s cancer sucks. We\’re all just hoping he hangs in there as long as he can.


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