Not *actually* a new year’s resolution…

But I have noticed that over the last few months I have been letting events catch up with me and impact my mood far more than I normally would. I can feel myself being pulled into the Gloom, and that only eats away at my ability to be a good friendhusbandbrothersonfathercoworker or whatever.

That stops. I need to shake off a lot of this stress and crap and move forward. We have almost moved into our new house, that will take a lot of stress off. I am about ready to call off my job interviewing with other teams  and hunker down for mid-year reviews. that will help to. Hopefully then I should have anought reserve engery to start taking on the shit I can’t directly impact.

2 Replies to “Not *actually* a new year’s resolution…”

  1. I *fully* support your efforts to step away from your duties as mister cranky britches, but can I shake you up and piss you off over one itty bitty little thing first?  Please???  Pretty please?
    I put the url for the blog entry under my \’blog web address\’.  Distribute appropriate levels of angst at will (then proceed with your regularly scheduled attitude adjustment – I will even provide you with a free PollyAnna tutorial when I get back to work on Thursday).


  2. Yeah, don\’t worry about the stuff that\’s out of your control.  There\’s no sense in it.  Just concentrate on the things you can control and accept that the rest as inevitable whether you worry about it or not. 
    Oh, and don\’t forget about alcohol.  Cause of and solution to all of life\’s problems.     


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