Those Who Blame America

I found a great post today on Kos. Starting with a link to the book The Spitting Image, which largely debunks the "hippies spitting on vietnam vets " myth. It then comments on how Today’s Conservatives have to lean on that type of betrayal myth. Check it out:

It’s always been clear that those who call themselves conservatives today have only a token relationship to the political movement that operated under that name previous to 1980.  And this is the difference: today’s conservatives aren’t united by a theme of  limiting spending or concerns over changes in our society.  Their real heart is a festering ball of bruised ego.  

The big irony is that the right, having refused to accept the facts on the ground, has instead created a mythology that requires traitors in the heartland.  Though they so often point at the left as willing to "blame America," the whole mindset of those in support of the action in Iraq requires that they blame Americans, both then and now, for the failures of bad strategy, miserable planning and sorry execution.  

The war in Iraq was supposed to be their vindication, proof that enough bombs could bring flowers.  Proven wrong, their reaction is to create an even more vile narrative in this cycle.  The right doesn’t just blame America first, they blame Americans first, last, and only for every mistake they’ve made.

Source: Daily Kos: Those Who Blame America