Gonzo Body Wisdom

I commented that I thought Hunter had a health nut streak in him to counter all the drugs/booze, etc that he took in. Lo and behold Anita posted about exactly that.  First Anita, then the quote:

Although Hunter had an unusual constitution which gave him the ability to ingest quantities of substances that would down an elephant, Hunter was no fool; he paid attention to his body’s needs. The following is from one of Hunter’s last interviews with Tim Mohr from Playboy Magazine. 

Grapefruit is vital to my lifestyle. I eat grapefruits, oranges, lemons, kiwis. I also need something green with every meal — some vegetables on the plate. Even if it’s just some sliced tomatoes and green onions in a pinch. It’s both aesthetic and healthy. If I take a look at a plate and see brown, gray, white, I can’t eat it. I want to see some red and green.

Drink six to eight glasses of water a day. When you don’t drink enough water you lose your taste for it. When you’re chronically dehydrated the body misses it, but it has a self-fooling mechanism where you don’t think about it. Then you have to reeducate your taste buds for it. At first you can’t drink much pure water. I’ve worked up to five or six glasses a day. At first I could barely do one.

I had started the hydration process before I broke my leg in Hawaii at Christmastime in 2003. Everybody had been telling me. I was going into the Aspen Club — to the sports medicine department — to learn to walk after my spinal surgery earlier that same year. I wasn’t supposed to recover from that.

I’ve really enjoyed my body. I’ve used it. One of the things I’ve been most impressed with in my life is the resiliency of the human body: They did both my spinal surgery and my leg surgery without putting any metal in me. No metal, Bubba.

–Hunter S. Thompson, Playboy Magazine Dec 2004

Source: Owl Farm Blog: The Real Gonzo Body Wisdom