Daily Kos: JFK terror plot

A good week over at the ‘kos. This posting on the terror plot is dead on. Not long, but dead on.


Poor wingnuts. The aborted (and laughably unrealistic) effort to attack JFK is a stark reminder that every line they’ve fed us about this war on terror is horse crap.

  1. The attackers had no ties to Iraq. Nor the Middle East. Nor Al Qaida.
  2. It was homegrown terrorism. (Of course, the perpetrators were brown, so this merits a lot more hand-wringing than white domestic terrorists, especially the ones bombing abortion clinics.)
  3. No illegal wiretaps or torture were necessary to crack the case.
  4. It was thwarted by good ol’ police work — an informant inside the cell, working with a joint FBI/NYPD task force.
  5. Whatever happened to "fighting them over there, so we don’t have to fight them over here"?
  6. War in Iraq and elsewhere isn’t ending terrorism. In fact, it’s fueling it.

Now the usual suspects praying for more terrorist attacks to justify their apocalyptic world view seem to be pouncing on this case as some sort of validation. In reality, everything about this plot rejects their views on handling terrorism.

And this isn’t an isolated case — the morons who were going to take down the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch and the "Fort Dix Six" were taken down by traditional law enforcement activities. While terrorism is bound to be a low-grade threat to our nation for pretty much ever, this is all proof that bombing them over there isn’t doing anything to stop that that threat over here and that law enforcement can handle the task without surrendering our Constitutional liberties to authoritarian fear-mongers.

Source: Daily Kos: JFK terror plot


I would only add to this that no one ever remembers Oklahoma City when they talk terrorism. I mean, those guys were White, so, ya know that makes it, like, ok and stuff, right? How about the Anthrax attacks? Lead suspect is another White nutcase.

But remember, racial profiling saves lives, and shit.


UPDATE:  From the comments on the KOS post: Keith Olbermann updates his disturbing timeline of how the Bush Administration has strategically used terrorism and fear to counter bad publicity, starting in 2002 all the way up to the most recent terrorist plot to blow up JFK airport. Here