Daily Kos: Terrorism’s biggest allies

Another smashing post today. God I love this site.


Remember, the whole point of terrorism is to sow terror. Every time a conservative or the Bush Adminsitration freaks out at a potential act of terrorism, the terrorist win. They don’t actually have to set off the bomb, they just need to scare people. So every freak out is a victory for the enemy. Fox News? One of the terrorists’ biggest allies. The Bush Administration? The terrorists couldn’t have done it without them. And those "manly men" conservatives that are perpetually wetting themselves in fear?

Well, when even the most hapless, incompetent, laughably unworkable plots get them riled up in a tizzy, you don’t even need competent terrorists to be effective.

Conservatives are truly the terrorists’ greatest allies.

Source: Daily Kos: Terrorism’s biggest allies