Got an AppleTV

So we got one of those new-fangled AppleTV things at home now. So far it seems pretty cool. It’s certainly a version 1.0 device, but I think it has real potential. So far, the photo slideshows are about the coolest thing, I think. I need to create more albums and sync them, but the photo quality is just sweet, and it pairs with music, if that is wanted.

The video features work great, but the quality is really limited by the content, not the device. I need to re-rip some of my DVDs to a better quality. Also the streaming works great, so I don’t need to sync everything, which is good because the device has a small drive (40gGB).

Music works perfectly, and I can’t wait for YouTube to arrive (in a few weeks supposedly)

Overall I like it, we will see how it ages when the new car smell wears off.