St. Emilion

Bordeaux days 1-3 051 St. Emilion was our destination for day two. We came for the wine, but stayed for the Limestone! This is the most amazing picturesque city of winding streets, limestone buildings, and wine shops on every corner.

The drive to the city was only 20 minutes, but was through some of the best vineyards you could imagine. Every address was Chateau this or Chateau that, all of them in buildings hundreds of years old.

Bordeaux days 1-3 063The town itself is packed tightly on a small hill, with some streets too steep and slick to navigate without hanging on to the rails strategically placed in the brick.

Several layers of stone and brick have been built and rebuilt over the years. Whole sections of buildings have been replaced as they have worn away, giving a patchwork look to some sections, and really giving an idea of how old the place is.Copy of Bordeaux days 1-3 058 One building facade was preserved, despite being made out of wood, from the 1200’s.  The street was named after this occupant, but I will have to pull out my Michelin Guide to figure out the name. It is probably safe to assume that he was French.

We will likely be returning to the city, as we did not have time to tour the caverns that the city was famous for.