The Rest of Arcachon

We decided to have another day in the sun, so that meant going back to Arcachon and the beach. Being on the coast meant that Arcachon gets better weather than the rest of the area, which makes sense for a resort town. We drove through more of the town for our trip today, which meant that we finally came across some of the markets that we read about before. The big market is located near the train station, and was filled with the usual touristic crap, but also some fantastic seafood and wines. It was just closing as we arrived, so we simply looked about and headed for the beach again.

HPIM0435 The girls went off to swim in the surf while I got into the shade in one of the local Cafe’s (see previous note). Once they were done we all had lunch at the cafe, which was open in the afternoon (most close to prepare for dinner). We loaded up on oysters, mussels, shrimp, all of it super fresh and fantastic. The wife ordered the seafood plate, which was not only raw oysters, but raw sea snails and mussels. These were good, but a bit challenging.

HPIM0438After lunch we headed back into town, and I found what I had been looking all around for, Absinthe! (with a free spoon!) for all the comments that it is everywhere in France, this is the first time I have seen it. I grabbed a bottle, and we kept going on our tour of the town. We found some decent perfume, a nice dress for the wife, that kind of stuff.

One the way back, we checked out the Arcachon Observatory, which is a observation tower in the main park, that has a view of the whole town. It’s not much of an impressive tower, but it has a great location, and what makes it interesting is that it was built by Gustav Eiffel, as one of his early projects.

HPIM0442 The view was really fantastic, and we headed back through the local park, which used to be home to a Moorish-architecture Casino. It burned down in 1977, and the property was turned into the public park. Apparently each section of the old town has a specific architecture style, but it has all mixed now.

We return to Paris tomorrow. The drive should be interesting again.

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  1. The oyster story…wow…we\’ll need to recount your marbles Mark…You sound more and more French with every entry as the English vocabulary yields to French talk. Good for you mon ami 🙂


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