Mirrors on the Ceiling, Pink Champagne on Ice

HPIM0490Our Hotel was typical European. If you have traveled in Europe before, this should have caused a tingle of fear, laced with pleasant nostalgia.

The elevator is not large enough to actually accommodate our luggage which we just carry up the stairs to our room. This is fine of course, since the elevator doesn’t actually go up to our floor, it goes to a landing on the stairs in between each floor. They are narrow, and designed for someone with a significantly different ass size than my own.

HPIM0455 The windows of all the rooms face in to a courtyard, and are so close that I could literally lean out the bathroom and touch the opposite window. The closet has a 1.5 x 1.5 foot square footprint, and is triangular. It is not so much an afterthought, as a practical joke. With the rollaway bed in the room, we must move it to block the bathroom door to open the closet, and we must block the closet to go into the bathroom.

HPIM0489The room is about 10 ft x 15 ft. The bed is made of a very smooth stone, covered with very rough sheets. The air is hot and muggy, with no AC. There is a single outlet on the wall to charge all the things we have (phones, etc). The TV gets local stations, but the sports channel that has the tour playing, (which I actually want to watch) is the only one that comes in fuzzy.

The Bathroom is unvented, and the window directly faces the walkway opposite, giving full view to everyone when you are in there. The toilet has two flushing buttons, 1 and 2, depending on what you just did. When anyone in the hotel does something, you hear it.

There are a pair of kittens living in the lobby, so the daughter loves this place. HPIM0509