All hail Flonaise!

Holy Crap!

I have not had many allergies growing up. I literally had none until my senior year of High School, where I developed a reaction to something in Sun Tan lotion. I still don’t now what. But for years, lke 6 or so, I could use no sunscreen at all without a massive reaction that meant all-over body hives so intense the only thing I could do was drink a few bottles of Vodka until i passed out for a few days and it passed.


I finally found a Neutrogena brand that is Uber-hypoallergenic, and it works. and that’s all I use.

In the past few years I started to get Hay fever. My first outbreak was on a trip to Wichita Kansas, where I was suddenly slammed with a reaction and had never been hit before. It was amazing. No warning, nothing, I was sneezing and just totally fucked up. Since then it has gotten worse each year, and now I have been just suffering for half the year, with my reactions to the regular medicines (like Claratin) almost worse than the symptoms.

So I finally visit the doctor, and he gets me on the Generic version of Flonaise. Wham! Clear as a bell.

Amazing. Apparently it’s some kind of steroid. I expect to be totally ripped in a month.