Poker in the rear….

I went out and played poker with the guys last night. I haven’t been able to get away for poker recently (the last time I played it snowed), but This was one of my buddies’ Tournaments at the Wooly Toad, which is the best place for poker around, so I couldn’t miss it. Things started out poorly for me, as I was late and already getting blinded off, but was able to arrive in time to get my chips before they were ll gone.

I was getting just crap for cards. Seriously, total junk. So I was basically hanging on for my life for the first half of the game, pretty much all the way to the Dinner break. At this point I was short stacked against everyone, I had too many chips to be worth a re-buy, but not a full stack either.

Dinner on the other hand went as planned. I had French Onion Soup and a Bucket of Clams. Yum.

The second half of the game went much better. With no more rebuys, some of the more aggressive guys started to get knocked out, but I was still so far behind that I wss really just waiting to get blinded off. Fortunately I started to get some OK cards that I could do something with – Ax, Kx, etc.  But with the blinds starting to get high I pretty much had to put in half my stack to see a hand through, or just go all in. But I was hitting my cards.  I stayed at the bottom of the stacks, but with enough to keep from being blinded off. This also gave the other bigger players some time to start weakening each other. and as they kept getting knocked out, I ended up on the bubble. Then 2nd and 3rd stacks went after each other, and 3rd lost. Bam! I was in the money, for the first time! Soon, 1st and 2nd went after each other, and 2nd lost, Bam! he went out in 3rd, and I moved up to a badly short-stacked 2nd place.

At this point, the battle was on, and I still expected to get ground down pretty fast, but the chip leader was far too passive, and was easily pushed off his blinds. Once I had his pattern of betting down, I started to chip away at his stack. This took some serious time, but I finally started to get enough chips to make a few moves, and got cards to match. I pushed all in, and doubled up. I kept that up and he kept folding against me after the flop. Finally I push in against him and he took it. Flop gave me a pair of tens and he had a couple of face cards. No match came, and I won the hand. As he counted out, it was pretty apparent that my chipping away at his stack meant that I had him covered. End of game and I took first! That paid out about $600.

Not bad for my first time in tournament money.

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  1. Nice.  Once you\’re down to head\’s up, it\’s anyone\’s game.  It\’s always nice to coast into the money.


  2. Yeah, that was a pretty slick game too. coming from behind always makes great story.  


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