Modes of Travel

Yulia and I were talking this evening about traveling again, and what we wanted to do for our next trip. We have been talking with several of our friends about what they just did, and They gave us a few ideas. One was Club Med, and the resorts that are run by that company, another just joined the Sheraton vacations club, which has destination in various locations, with the home destination being Orlando and Disneyworld.

These have certain appeal, as when you get an all-inclusive package like this it takes a lot of the stress and planning out of the way. We did a cruise to Mexico, which is much like this, where everything is included and you stop at places and get to tour around, but I have issue with this. My problem is when you go somewhere, you have really two things you can do, you can go and do some kind of event or thing, like a resort, or theme park, or beach, and then you can go somewhere to see the place, like our tour of Paris and Bordeaux. But generally, they just don’t mix.

I hear people I know talk about how they love to go to Mexico. But when I ask what they did there, they describe some resort or another. Same thing with the cruise we were on, most of the time is trapped on the boat, which is fun in itself, but you get so little time on shore you are never really "in" Mexico. And I am sure that the same holds for most destination resorts and the like.

When we were in Paris it took a few days on the ground to feel a part of the place.  When you have to find food and drink, get around, and walk the streets on your own you actually experience a place in a much deeper way than if you see it from a bus. For me this is the meat and potatoes of travel, and what makes it worth the money and time.  Of course, I love going to Disneyland, and having fun there, but I’m not really "in" LA when I do that, because we are at the park the whole time. And most of the beach resorts could be placed anywhere in the world and you would get the same thing, club med in Mexico is the same as Club Med in Aruba. (for the most part)

I’m not sure if one kind of travel is better than another, but I think that there really is a difference.

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  1. I love going to Mexico, we own half a timeshare in Cabo.  It\’s right near town, we can walk into town and see real things, or at least as real as Cabo gets, being a remote resort town on the end of a long stretch of desert.The coast there is dotted with resorts where you stay there the whole time, I wouldn\’t enjoy that nearly as much.


  2.  We are actually thinging about a full resort vacation, as this year we were pretty immersed in France. Alternating types might keep both fresh and exciting. And the cost of a Mexican resort is pretty damn cheap.


  3. I\’m sure you\’ll have a blast wherever you go.  It\’s more about who you are than where you are.


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