Dropping (Stomach) Acid

We had some friends over last weekend, and were doing the regular eat-and-drink fest that we enjoy, and with that came a confirmation of what I have noticed for some time: I just don’t like to drink the same things anymore, to a certain level, I just can’t. And I really can’t take the same quantity I used to. Most of this seems to come from the fact that the really bad heartburn that I used to get has just moved into a sensitive stomach, back from the Iron Stomach of my college days.

Scotch just kills me now.  I love the taste of a good scotch, but the next day I am in way too much pain to even be considered a bad hangover. Wine doesn’t do this. Neither does beer, but I just don’t like the flavor of beer so much, except perhaps Guinness. Pretty much beer is dead to me now. Rums and Bourbon don’t seem to have this effect.

My new drink of choice would be Absinthe. I picked some up in France, and it was originally designed as a digestif, so no stomach problems. It is an Anise drink, so that’s not popular with a lot of folks, but I really like it. The stuff I got is a real Absinthe (not the Czech stuff) but not a top-shelf brand. I hope to pick up some of the good stuff soon, one brand is legal in the US now (Lucid), and it is rated highly.

And it freaks the shit out of people, which is always a bonus.

2 Replies to “Dropping (Stomach) Acid”

  1. Absinthe without grand wormwood an its psychosis-inducing hallucinogen called thujone.  What\’s the fun in that?   


  2. The thujone has no effects, it\’s present in Sage so you get more in turkey stuffing than Absinthe. At the concentrations that the czech guys put into their crap, it\’s damn near poisonous.  And Lucid uses real Grand Wormwood, just the Thujone is inside the legal margin of error.


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