Cul-De-Sac of fun

This Saturday was a nice little BBQ over at our place for the neighbors in our Cul-de-sac. We were pretty pleased to host this sine our last house was in a neighborhood where everyone was nice, but never really talked. The only group thing that went on in our old house was a neighbor who held a block-wide BBQ to get everyone by, and then try to get us to join his church. Klassy.

This was much better. The folks we have nearby are all a ton of fun, with good kids or retired, and a Hungarian couple next door. You can really tell the Americans from the Europeans. The Europeans all dress up to come over, and brought some serious food (Goulash, sausages from a custom-sausage deli). The Americans were in football shirts and brought Potato Salad. Like three different kinds of Potato Salad. (in their defense, that was really good potato salad). But everyone was cool, so we let the dress code slide.

We did our standard Ribs and Salmon, with some Fig and Prosiutto appetizers and other stuff. We feel it is always best to over feed your guests, as I am certian that there is a corner in Hell for those that starve people out in their homes, manned by great winged demons carrying trays of slightly dry cocktail weenies with toothpicks in them, who, when asked what else is there to quell your eternal hunger, are happy to point a long, bony finger towards the piles of slightly stale chips with onion dip, over next to the warm, light beer. Personally, I’m not going to risk it.

As I was talking and showing folks around, I led one of the neighbors into the wine room to shoe what was new, and pulled out a bottle of Eroica to talk about the wine. As I slipped it back in to the rack, the bin next to it got unstable (justthe wine, the rack is screwed to the wall) and a few bottles slipped out. One broke on the floor, and the other fell nose-first onto my ankle. I saved the bottle, but I still have a black-and-blue welt on my leg and I am limping. Fucking ow.

I had wondered why all the wine rooms that we saw in France had the bottles facing cork-in, and all the examples I see in the US are cork-out. Well, as I discovered, the bottles are not stable cork-out, once the top bottle tips a bit on a big stack, the whole stack wants to go. This isn’t an issue on the individual bottle section of my racking, but all the bin racking that I have is getting turned around for stability. And for the health of my foot.

In any case, we finished the evening by bringing out some Absinthe, which was a hit, although most folks were sad when they didn’t start to hallucinate, and start painting like Van Gogh. Nevertheless I offered to cut off their ear if it would make them feel better, as it turns out, that wasn’t necessary, they felt better all on their own.