Girl who had 14 cups of espresso – wimp

All I can say is what a fucking wimp. We used to eat handfulls of coffee beans and wash it down with more coffee. Then we would go out for Espresso. Chuck and I used to pick up all the new brands of Energy Drinks, and if they didn’t make us shake after 3, they were off the purchase list. [note: the exception to this was Venom, which made our lips go numb]. Wimp story below:

She began her coffee binge last Wednesday after getting only five hours’ sleep the previous night.

"I decided to have a double espresso to perk me up," she said. "It did the trick so I had one after another and they seemed to be working. I felt great – as if I could take on the world."

By noon she was feeling unwell and crying and laughing uncontrollably in front of bewildered customers.

Miss Willis said: "My nerves were jangling. Tears were streaming down my face. People kept asking me if I was all right."

Her father sent her home but by the following morning she could not feel her lips and was struggling to breathe.

Miss Willis, from Stanley, County Durham, spent several hours under observation at the University Hospital of North Durham, where the caffeine overdose was diagnosed.

She said: "I was drenched and burning up and hyperventilating.

"I was having palpitations, my heart was beating so fast. I think I was going into shock".

Source: Overdose drama of girl who had 14 cups of espresso | the Daily Mail