Eating at MS

My current Workday Menu:

Breakfast: Double Espresso and a Croissant.
Sometimes I am replacing the Croissant with a donut when they are available. The Crunchy Old-Fashioned Donuts at Microsoft are pretty good. Mostly I like to eat them because they only get a few in, and by taking one, I can deny that joy to someone else. That makes it all worth while.

Lunch: Soup from the Espresso Stand and a Roll.
We get good soup as well. I’m sure that someone took a lot of time at the MS kitchens, opening the bags from whatever catering company we get our soups from. We used to get Ivar’s Salmon Chowder. I miss that.


So far I feel less sick eating these foods at work. I’m also drinking a lot of the Talking Rain water instead of Diet drinks. I’m also trying to break the habit of eating at my desk, but that comes later I guess.