To Boldy Geek….

Looks like some other group of nerds who can’t get laid have been making Star Trek episodes on the web.

Star Trek: New Voyages’ producers/crew feel that Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest should be treated as "classic" characters like Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings or even Hamlet, Othello or Romeo. Many actors have and can play the roles, each offering a different interpretation of said character. Though the character is the same, the interpretation of the actor is what’s in question. We feel that the crew of the Enterprise has more to teach us about life and each other than has been explored to date. We also feel the new actors can add to the legend in a believable and contemporary way. Yes, some may have a problem separating Shatner from Kirk – all we ask is that you give it a try and see whether Kirk and the crew still have something to say to you.

I live for this shit. Nerds.

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