Nerd Alert: Tron Remake!

I suppose there could be something nerdier than getting excited abouta possible remake/sequel to Tron, but I just don’t know what it could be.

From AICN:

Customarily, I wholly disagree with the notion of remaking "classics". In this case, re-approaching TRON makes an enormous amount of sense – especially with Lisberger’s involvement. Firstly, it may not be a "remake". And, a film like 300 could clearly be a template for how a movie as (literally and conceptually) "virtual" as TRON might be made. We’ve all seen the tremendous leaps forward in CGI technology since 1982…and the concept by nature, well, intrinsically supports an upgrade – v 2.0, and all of that.

There is a TRON 2.0 game by the way – no word on if this film will use the game as a template, although I doubt it will.

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