Damn Cat

The cat jumped on me while I was sleeping last night, changing what ever it was that I was dreaming into a dream of an intruder in our house. The intruder was downstairs stealing wood paneling (which we don’t actually have any of, and if we did I’d give him a hand), and I turned on lights to startle him, while Yulia picked up Oscar, our Daschund, and used him as a Barking Gun(tm), pelting the intruder with sonic blasts to drive him out.


I so need therapy.

4 Replies to “Damn Cat”

  1. You write so funny! Please write something for other people to reed! More people will have a better day, because you made them laugh.


  2. God forbid this thing actually make it easy to make ones name appear next to your comments.


  3. Goddamnit. Mark, drop me an email explaining how to make this thing put my name up there instead of (no name).- Jack


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