More and Better Democrats effect for Hillary?

What a surprise to see Hillary leap ahead last night an pull off a big win! I would never have seen that coming, and even posted my feelings of her impending doom. But what shocked me the most was to hear from the pundits about the change in her actions that they thought helped swing things her way.

My personal beef with Hillary has come from two things, she had that nasty "inevitable" vibe and attitude going, and she seemed unwilling to do more than the big canned speeches. Apparently, both of those changed yesterday.

On MSNBC, Chris Matthews was commenting on the swing about the sympathy effect for Hillary, which I was surprised to hear actually make a difference, but then I’m cynical and callous.

What shocked me was to hear how after her "leakdown", she started taking more ordinary questions, and began opening up to voters in general. For me, that was a shock, and a pleasant one to hear at that.

My problem with Hillary’s campaign was my problem with Gore’s and Kerry’s, they never opened up on the campaign trail, and we (as ordinary folk) only got to see their warm and caring personalities once they were off script and at home. And how many times have you heard someone say how if they had only shown that side of themselves on the trail, they would have won? (by a large enough margin to beat the cheat)

For me, Hillary was running down that same path and I was having none of it. So to see her change and open up *now* makes a huge difference in my mind.

In 2006 we heard the mantra of "More and Better Democrats", and one of the impacts of that big push was to challenge bad democratic congresspersons in the primaries, to either replace them or change their behavior. And we saw both happen.

Maybe the Iowa shock had the Better Democrat effect on Hillary, and she will stay off script.

Then she’d win my vote, instead of getting it by default.