The Rain God

Well, I still have no idea why, but every time we go on vacation we take the rain with us. We had a week of blazing hot weather  before we left, and literally as we leave the entire pacific coast starts getting hit with these monster thunderstorms. Sasha was completely freaking out. our plane out of Sea-Tac was held up because they couldn’t refuel with the lightning. Luckily enough, we had a long layover in LA, so we made our connection to Cabo in time.

And in Cabo, there were storms. not slow ones either, big dumping rain that was hot and heavy. it knocked dirt out of the palm trees such that once we got out of the rain and inside we could see that we  were not just wet, but filthy as well. The wind was whipping across the water and we could see the bay as a rolling, boiling tempest, not exactly what you want to swim in.

But this is typical. We were dodging rain in Paris last year, had heavy showers last time in LA at Disneyland, and just generally get bad weather when we travel. I’m pretty sure we bring it with us. I’ll have to check my bags more carefully next time.