Baja-ha-ha! ho-ho-ho! And a couple of tra-la-las…

Cabo01 007We are staying at Villa La Estancia. A pretty phenomenal resort in Cabo, with a huge suite of a room. includes a kitchen, washer/dryer, balcony with wet bar, Jacuzzi, the works.  We have a fantastic view of the ocean from our room.

Waking up this morning we looked out and saw the cruise line ship in the Bay, dropping off the passengers for their half-day on shore. We took that exact same cruise almost 5 years ago, and sat on the beach not too far from where our hotel is now.

Cabo01 006 It seems that most of the storm has cleared up at this point, the waves on the beach are pretty crazy, and the sand is littered with dead pufferfish. The beach vendors selling dresses, silver, and henna tattoos are just coming out. The excursion sales folks are already set up, and tried to rent us a Jetski as we walked along the sand. With no liability to think of, renting a jetski during 3 foot swells must seem like a good idea.

We passed.

Cabo01 014Over at the breakfast bar, some kind of small yellow bird was in competition with a less attractive gray bird for the scraps of cereal and dropped food. Naturally, we were rooting for the yellow bird to win. Looks count. The food itself was fantastic, with the usual buffet fare, plus some kind of Mexican tortilla and sauce dish that was heavy, but delicious. I went with grapefruit juice, bacon, banana bread, eggs, pineapple, the tortilla stuff (with two different salsas), and a danish. I topped that off with a Bloody Mary and we had the breakfast of champions.

Cabo01 005 One of the things that we are noticing is that the prices, while much more expensive than what we would pay in town, are so much cheaper that what we paid in Hawaii in the past.  Our trip to Hawaii a few years back was God-awful expensive, and frankly, not nearly as nice as what we have here, at maybe a fourth the price. We haven’t even been far into town yet, but it is hard to imagine things getting more expensive than the big resort prices we are already paying.

With a kitchen in the room it is much easier to stock up a few snacks, some beer, tequila, and crap like that and just sit and enjoy the view from the balcony. of course we are on the 8th floor, and the weak antenna in my laptop doesn’t get enough signal to connect, so I am forced to head down to the pool bar on occasion to get my information. (and post this shit). Being forced to head down to the pool bar is really tough, but I suppose I will find some way to manage.

Cabo01(note to self: my beer has a URL on it I must remember to check that out later. I am using this to chase Cabo Wabo brand tequila, which I would officially describe as “meh”)

Oh yeah, apparently today is the Fourth of July. For whatever reason we always seem to be out of the US on the Fourth. Odd. The buffet here has “American Food” for the fourth, which seems to consist of mixed lettuce, hot dogs, burgers, and flank steak with ranch dressing. In the US, I have never seen anyone have flank steak with ranch dressing, but I suppose that is just Mexico’s answer to Americans putting Sour Cream on Mexican food. Who fucking knows, eh gringo?