Whale Watching and other Sport

There is a fine balance in relaxing. When you have a limited amount of time, you end up putting a lot of effort into trying to balance going out and doing interesting things (tours, activities, etc) with the need to just plain rest and do nothing. The sad bit is that it takes a fair amount of work just to keep those in balance. That’s life really, I have read many things about how kids today are “overscheduled” with various sports, music, after school crap, and they stop acting like kids. I think adults are far worse in this aspect, not only running their lives, but trying to teach their kids to do more of the same, instead of less.

HPIM1270 For our trip, we are trying to hold ourselves to just two events, one being a dolphin swimming thing, and one other. Current voting trends indicate that a trip out to see some local town or something is leading the polls. We shall see. Our trip to Copala near Mazatlan a few years ago was excellent, and if we could find something like that it would be perfect. Apparently the hotel modeled after Hotel California is nearby, and is really beautiful. Again, we shall see.

The real downside to Mexico is that it is filled with Americans. Big, fat, greasy ones too. In the evening the poolside looks like one of those GreenPeace events where a pod of whales have beached themselves, flurries of workers are scattered around, frantically running about, but instead of trying to drag these fat bastards back into the ocean where they belong, they are getting them towels and serving them drinks. Thank God this isn’t a topless beach.

HPIM1269 Another cruise ship came in today, I think this is actually the one we took before, but seems to be on a different schedule. They got in pretty late (10am,) and are still here at 1:00. The ship really fills the harbor, and with the calmer weather today there are all the excursion boats out at once, buzzing around the big ship like drunken hornets. If the hornets were trying to sell you handmade dresses, local silver, and henna tattoos.

Aside from all that, I have to say how much I enjoy watching the syncopated rhythms of the ceiling fans on the balconies here. Looking up from the pool, each one is running at a slightly different speed, with the wind blowing some others still slowly, and some in reverse. Once in a while they sync up for a moment and it almost looks like it was planned. Of course if it was, it wouldn’t look so cool.