Welcome aboard the Raging Queen – Yarrrrg!

We (just Yulia Sasha and I) all got up early enough to hit the town for some breakfast and groceries, as we were heading down the front of the hotel through the security gate, we were stopped twice by hotel employees asking if we were heading to timeshare presentations. Apparently they take down your name and room when you go to these offsite, the implication being that they want to make sure you don’t vanish into someone’s van forever.

Cabo02 037We walked to a place called “City Club” which was recommended by pretty much everyone as the best place to by groceries that you can walk to. We ended up taking a big detour around the block, and by the time we got to the entrance, were looking forward to getting inside and getting a bite. Naturally, it is members only. from there we hit the nearest mini mart to get coffee and something. Fiesta Mini-Mart was back on the same road as our hotel, and had a fantastic little bakery. After eating a few pastries, some juice, coffee and Gatorade, we headed further into town. Everything off of the main drag was much cheaper, and little vegetable carts, bakeries, and shops were all around.

We ended up at a place called Oxxo that had packaged tamales, mini-pizzas and burritos, we grabbed a bunch of those, some beer, and headed back to the hotel. Now we were prepared with some easy food that would keep us from having to pay hotel prices each time.

Cabo02 042 The big entertainment of the day was a sunset cruise aboard the Buccaneer Queen. The boat was a three-masted sailboat dressed up to look like a pirate ship. And they did a quality job too, all the rigging, sails, and everything were top notch. Most importantly it had a open bar for the whole evening. The  cruise took us out of the marina, over to the arch for a bit. The place was seriously crowded with boats, I was impressed that no one bumped into anyone else. From there we went around the point, into the Pacific Ocean. The seas were way rougher out there, and Sasha and Yulia were pretty nervous.

Around this point the crew photographer called us over, and we went down into the cabin. The cabin was insanely dressed up as well, with great woodwork, displays of pirate art and coins, and the computer used for the photos. These were way cheaper than the Dolphin place, so we got one of the group of us. The captain was down here taking a break as well, and naturally, had a parrot. Sasha’s spirits lifted with an animal to play with, (we also have a hermit crab living on our balcony) and she felt much more relaxed once we went back up on deck. (the parrot stayed below)

Cabo02 069 Back in the bay, the crew started their program, with an introduction of people having birthdays (including a lot of kids), and then went on to the dance contest. Naturally, with Yulia being the hottest girl on board, she was grabbed first to go up. They filled the stage halfway with women, then told them all to find partners. Having great sympathy for me and my debilitating White-Man’s two-step disease, Yulia brought me on stage. Since there is always a trick, the trick to this contest was that the crew would shout out commands:

  • Tequila – freeze in place
  • Margarita – raise your arms and yell
  • Cerveza – switch partners

If you got something wrong, you were out. It started out pretty easy, but as it got faster people were getting eliminated. Of course one of the better tricks was to grab a partner of the same sex just to stay in, this didn’t break the rules, and seemed quite popular with some of the guys from San Francisco. The music and commands got faster and faster, eventually knocking Yulia and most of the others out of the running, and once we got down to the last four (including me!), they added two more commands:

  • Pina Colada – Guy on his hands and knees and woman rides him like a horse.
  • Salsa – Guy lifts the girl in the air like Scooby Doo.

Cabo02 079The Pina Colada command now stressed the importance of having a girl as your partner. The crew was having a good time yelling commands as fast a they could, and Yulia looked like she was going to injure her spleen laughing at me on stage, but I was able to keep up with the music and commands. I had no trouble lifting the girl faster than the other guy to keep up, but as he was from San Francisco, he could get on his knees much faster. Finally the crew called it a draw, and we all won coupons for snorkeling on the ship. Yulia was very proud of me for winning, but I was glad to get off stage, as I was begging to approach sobriety after all the physical exertion and getting slightly self-conscious.

Cabo02 083Some light snacks were brought out to sop up the Rum in everyone’s stomach.  They then ran a sword and acrobatics show, which was pretty good, and very funny. They were swinging from the rigging, making jokes, and did some pretty good sword work. Finally, the “bad guy” took a leap from the deck, grabbed a rope, swung out from the ship and dove into the water to “escape”. During this Yulia was talking to one of the younger bartenders and found out that the boat is run by two families, and the young guy is working to get his Captain’s license to get another boat.

This was probably the most professional, and most fun of these goofy events that we have been on. Way fun.