Flipper tastes like chicken

Cabo02 020 The Cabo Dolphins experience is pretty cool. the kids got a chance to swim with dolphins, and we got a chance to buy pictures of that for only $100. (note: not Pesos) Even with the high prices it was really worth it, it was a full hour experience, with about 30 minutes of full swimming time, and even from the sidelines it was a really cool show to watch. Basically, they get the kids (and parent also if you wanted to do that) in groups around the edge of the dolphin tank. the give a little lecture about the dolphins, how to act around them, and then they bring you over to meet your dolphin host. Each group of about ten people gets their own dolphin to interact with. Sasha’s group was in the middle of the bunch, so we had a great view of them.

Cabo02 022 The facility itself was pretty swank, white outdoor couches, shade umbrellas and a bar in the waiting area. The whole place was done up in levels of concrete and sand floors, with color coded areas depending on which group you were in. Not swimming, the adults in our group got white tags, which meant that we sat in the viewers section, and you couldn’t take pictures. Partially because you were too far back to get a good angle, and partially because the photography is where they made their real money. We got 8 photos on a disk for the price, which is highway robbery, but you can’t get pictures of your kid swimming with dolphins everyday, so it was worth it.

The girls ate quickly at the bar in the dolphin center. Apparently swimming with giant mammals uses a bit of your energy. Of course, they ate fish. We then went as a group down along the Marina, and were looking for a decent place for cheap beer and food. All the hawkers along the way were trying to sell us the usual cheap silver, fishing trips, and explaining to us how much better their fresh seafood joint with a bucket of beer for $10 was vastly superior to the neighboring fresh seafood joint with a bucket of beer Cabo02 027for $10. We eventually stopped at one of these, and got the bucket of beer, some shrimp, and THE BEST FUCKING TACOS EVER. I immediately ordered another plate, since the others at the table devoured most of mine. These are just simple steak and tortillas, but I can’t find anywhere in Seattle that has anything close. Even the Redmond Taco truck at the VFW (they recently moved to the gas station at sr520 & 148th. There is an internal MS alias to track where the truck is currently. )

As expected, some lady walked by with a large deadly lizard wearing a sombrero, and we got the kids picture for 50 pesos. With some time and effort we could have talked her down, but my beer was getting warm. Back at the table we were having issues with bees. I told the girls that we put Lime on the beer to keep flies and bees off, so they began squirting limes all over themselves to keep the bees away. Since they didn’t get stung, it must have worked. No, really.

After some light shopping we headed back to the hotel, past The Office, from the street side this time. I noticed that there was the first instance of a handicapped access sign that I have seen here. When we approached it, I saw that is was a handicapped space, far too small to fit any real car, that led to a set of crumbling stairs Cabo02 033with no ramp, with a rocky landing below. I wasn’t sure if this was handicapped access, or if the locals threw the handicapped down these stairs to their death as some sort of sacrifice. In either case, the space was unused.

We finished the day with pizza and a sunset at the Italian restaurant in the hotel. There seem to be a lot of Italian restaurants here. Likely, Italian food is the Mexican version of Mexican food in the US.  They have a full outdoor brick Pizza oven in any case, and it’s pretty damn good. Sunset doesn’t suck either.