Africa Kinda Hot

Apparently, when the wind changes at our hotel, we have a waste processing plant upwind.

The word would be, “dang!”

Yesterday was a serious fucking scorcher. Yulia, Sasha and Katya went out to the beach to play early in the morning and I was by the pool under the umbrellas, thinking they would be out for a pretty short time. Two HPIM1225hours and fifteen degrees later, they were limping back up to the pool. Needless to say they were not looking good. The day before was not nearly as hot, but today was seriously rising fast, Yulia and the girls were caught out making sandcastles by the little bar out on the beach. By the time they realized that it was too hot to be out they were trekking back across the hot sand, seriously dehydrated.

By the time they got back to me they were hot, dry, and in pain, and in serious need of food and drink. We all moved to the bar inside the pool. After some chips, fries, fish and drink they were better, but slightly toasted around the edges. We ended up hiding under cover of the pool bar until things cooled down a bit. In all likeliness they had a mild case of heat exhaustion. Most of the time the wind off the ocean cools everything down, but if it comes off the hot land, it’s a whole different ballgame.

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  1. If you are up for brining back souveinirs for friends the two in the pool would be AWSOME if they come with a catch and release tag!


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