But it’s a dry heat…

Damn, another seriously hot day today. This is our last full day in Mexico, and we have a great combination of scorching heat and high winds with huge waves on the beach. Got mail from Humbaba earlier saying that their Condo is just down the beach, so after breakfast we swam a bit and headed in that direction to find a few cheap drinks. The Tabasco bar has been our favorite hangout in the area, so we stopped there for a quick six beers before continuing. We were quickly adopted by a dog and several silver merchants, we liked the dog best.

by this point the sand was insanely hot, and we ran screaming down the beach for Pueblo Bonito, with it’s funky blue domes. It was a nice place, I checked out the pool, and Yulia and Gena peed in the beach shower while pretending to clean up. About halfway back up to our hotel they were proved the wiser. We got back to out hotel and I hobbled back to the restroom, nearly bursting in the process.

Relieved and tired, we all rested a bit, then I headed to the business center to print out tickets. I managed to unfuck our seating arrangements, and get everything in order.

Not much else went on. it is good to have a slower day, after such a busy week, We went into town and finished our souvenir shopping and had dinner.

Back in Seattle soon.