Sunday Breakfast

Inherently, I reject the "foodie" label. I don’t see why there needs to be some label to signify those in the world who prefer to enjoy their food and require some minimum level of quality in it. In fact, I have my own label for those who do not seek quality in their food, and eat as nothing more than pigs at the trough. I call them "Americans"

I note this because I made Crepes on Sunday. We have a crepe maker similar to this one here. It takes some getting used to, and it also requires that you get the batter right. The batter is the hard part. I worked through several recipes before landing on a simple one containing only flour, milk, eggs, oil and salt. But the trick to making the batter correct is mixing it well, then straining the batter to remove all lumps. mix that again, then leave covered in the fridge for about an hour for everything to set. This needs to be a smooth, slightly runny batter, much thinner than normal pancake batter.

the twisting action to spread the batter takes time as well. I will probably need to get a better spreader as mine came with the unit and isn’t that great, but it works. But after all this work, and a lot of practice, I have gotten quite good at making true french crepes.

For breakfast, we prefer a crepe, with Ham and shredded Gruyere cheese, folded in half and toasted on each side. when ready, you slide it on a plate, and top with a fried egg, sunny side up. For the kids, either a plain ham crepe, or bananas with Nutella.

It is very slow to cook, as I have to start the batter early, and I can only make one at a time, but nothing compares to the taste.

That’s Breakfast.