Man, that’s a lot of damn snow.

We were lamenting yesterday how we had a whole day of massive storm warnings and nothing to show for it. I guess getting a Lightning Storm at 3 am with the snow we were waiting for makes up for it. I have never seen snow with lightning before. We must have got the bonus plan. The whole region was buried in snow, normally this would be fun, but today is the start of our big regional gymnastics meet, and we have people driving and flying in from all over.

The last thing we wanted to deal with was a whole bunch of folks trying to cancel out of a meet due to snow. I ran to the store to grab chains  for the car, and Yulia got our gear together. Most of the coaches and judges were staying at a hotel by the gym, so we figured that we’d pack everything up, and take an extra night at the hotel. This way we could get the meet setup, and not have to worry about driving back and forth in the snow.

The second downside in this affair, is that I am still barely over whatever cold/sickness that I had. I feel lousy, and my voice sounds like Froggy from the Little Rascals. Still coughing, but I must say the lung oysters are impressive.

It takes us about an hour, but we make our way down to the gym. The whole area looks like a different place. I can’t remember this much snow so fast. Redmond really got hit hard, Kent a bit less, so it was easier to go once we got closer to the gym. The roads were pretty wet, but not slick. My worry this evening is that  it will freeze over into ice. I still have the chains in any case.

We still have a lot of folks calling and asking if the meet is off,  but likely we will just move a few of the gymnasts around in sessions who can’t make it in time. This is a bit of a pain for me to change in the scoring software, but we really don’t have another option.

So far it looks like all the scoring equipment works. I have the screens hooked up and setup, so once I run a few test scores through, we should be ready.

Now I need some beer. And wine.