Annoying Weather Alert

God, being sick just sucks.

I’ve felt like crap for most of the week, but this creeping crud that I have been battling for most of this time has finally hit me with full strength. I have hacked up about three pounds of phlegm out of my lungs, and I cough like an old chain smoker.

Making this even more pleasant is the fact that we have a snowstorm brewing outside, but it refuses to start. Yulia went off to work and I am worried that the snow will fall all at once, and give now warning to get back home. The rest of our week and weekend is going to be spent running the big Gymnastics Meet at our gym. and I can’t be sick for that.

I’m going to be running all the scoring using our new scoring system. I have spent the last few months entering the information into the database on my laptop, and that all gets plugged into a big electronic system we have at the gym. I have managed to get it hooked up to an online website for posting scores, but this is my first time running everything, and it is a huge meet (460 kids) so I’m a bit nervous. In theory, there is even a hookup for a PC projector to show scores on the wall at the gym, but I’m not sure how that works exactly. We will see.

So off to drink more Orange Juice. Vitamin C is supposed to help.