Wheel. Of. Fish.

Picture 017 Last Day in Anaheim. Despite a total lack of sleep, we still got to the park plaza around 9-ish. We decided to start the day at California Adventure for a change, and because we wanted to try to beat the rush for a few of those attractions. They do the opening similar to Disneyland, where the park opens, but you only go into the front at first, with the rest opening a half-hour later. lucky for us, Soaring over California was in the open part, and we were in the first group on that ride. I love the orange smell in that ride.

We went back to the train cars near the front, which has the best espresso in the Disney parks, and got some Espresso, Croissants, and yogurt for breakfast. Maybe we were just getting used to bad hotel coffee, but that espresso was good. The rest of the park opened shortly thereafter, and we headed down to Paradise Pier.

We were the first ones on Mulholland Madness, and with no one in line, we stayed in our car and did it again. There is something fun about taking the same ride in twice in a row, that is pretty dang cool. We were hoping to do the same with some of the other rides, but crowds were building fast. We got onto the Toy Story shooter pretty quick, but the lines were building behind us quick.  The heat was building quick too. Looked like we were going to play another fun game of hide from the sun.

Picture 020 We ducked into the Carnival games, where Sasha won a handful of miniature animals, then headed towards the bug Fun Wheel. Apparently it is a copy on one in Coney Island or something, and it’s pretty impressive. we took one of the swinging gondolas, and they really throw you about when they get at the right angle. It’s pretty fun. The view is really impressive, and we could really see how much of the park was under construction. The California Adventure park is a new, much cheaper park compared to Disneyland itself. I really like the park, but it hasn’t proved very popular generally. As such, the whole place is getting a massive facelift, they actually have a whole exhibit so you can see what the place will look like, and I think it will be a great improvement.

They are adding some trolleys for transit in the park, a whole Cars land, more kids dark rides, and a lot of architectural changes. In general, it looks like a very cool facelift to the park. I hope it helps.

One thing that the park really needs is more shade, the big walkways around are nice, but you get cooked really fast. An improvement to that would really make a difference.

We left about mid-day to head back top the pool again to beat the heat. We figured that we’d return to catch the Electric Light parade, since the evening should be cool enough. This was also a great chance to do the laundry, since I have finally discovered the secret location of the laundry machines while walking Oscar in the middle of the night. They were in an unmarked shed behind the pool area. Pretty hard to notice. But in any case it will be nice to have clean clothes again. Even with washing in the sink with Woolite, we were getting that “on vacation” smell.

Picture 015We also ran into the Norwegian family again. Disneyland had completely flummoxed them, and they couldn’t figure out fastpasses, dark rides for air conditioning, or any of the hints I gave them from the night before. We told them about returning to see the Electrical Parade, and they thought that was a good plan, since they didn’t even know about the parades. I guess it’s hard to keep all this straight on your first time, with English as a second language.

We dressed up in clean clothes to have dinner in the park before the parade. With the running around and all the rides, this was really the first time we were able to dress for the evening, and it was good to return to the park refreshed. We ate at the winery, which was pretty good, and saw the parade which was excellent. A good end to Disney,

On to San Francisco.